Sunday, January 29, 2012

A day at the salon...

Hailey's best friend Sophia invited her to celebrate her 7th birthday.  There were many festivities planned for the special day.  The girls went to Sophia's relatives salon to get their hair dolled up with curls and feathers.  Next, they got their finger and toe nails painted and then put on fancy dresses to prepare for a photo shoot.  

Hailey is patiently waiting her turn to get her hair done at the salon.

Sophia loves to pose for the camera!

Sophia is very excited to get her hair curled and sprayed with glitter. 

Sophia is a natural superstar! 

Hailey is giving me the look "mom, stop taking my photo"! 

Now that Hailey is all dolled up and looking beautiful, it is time for her to pick out her nail polish. 

Sophia decided to go with a rainbow theme on her fingernails and toes.

Hailey has such a beautiful smile! 

Sophia is showing off her movie star pose.

Hailey decided to go with a lovely shade of red on her toes.

Sophia is such a diva!

Hailey and Sophia had a fabulous day! 

Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

Ethan and I decided to take the kids bowling on New Year's Eve day.  They had the entire bowling alley decorated with balloons to get ready for the evening festivities.  We danced to 80's music as we bowled the afternoon away.  We hope to make this a family tradition with the kids each year.  

Hailey and Tyler were excited to start bowling and were hoping to get  a few strikes! 

Hailey striking a pose before she takes a turn.

Tyler was trying to show off by doing some push up's on the bowling balls. 

Tyler was feeling good after having a glass of pink lemonade.  

Tyler is thinking how he can convince mom to get another glass of pink lemonade before his next turn.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas 2011

The Knepp family celebrated a wonderful holiday season this year. Before Christmas we enjoyed hearing the story of The Night Before Christmas at the Schlow Centre Region Library then headed off for a ride on the Polar Express trolley in State College. The trolley took us for a ride to Santa’s Workshop at the Penn State Downtown Theatre where the kids were able to take a photo with Santa and then pick out a gift from Santa's workshop. We also enjoyed celebrating the holidays with family and friends. The kids were very excited for Christmas morning to arrive and also to visit with family.    

Hailey, mommy and Tyler enjoying a ride on the Polar Express trolley.

Tyler and Hailey posing for the camera on Christmas Eve. 

Mommy, Hailey and Tyler putting puzzles together before company arrived on Christmas Eve.

Tyler opening up one of his "sock" gifts from Aunt Anna Jane & Uncle Ray. 

Aunt Anna Jane opening up Vera Bradley Bag from the Knepp's. 

Pap Pap Knepp opening up his gift from the Knepp's and the Izzo's.
We are still working on opening up gifts from Aunt Anna Jane and Uncle Ray.
Hailey opening up her first gift on Christmas morning.
Tyler opening up his first gifts on Christmas morning. 

Hailey got some knee pads to go along with her scooter from Santa.

Hailey opening up her scooter that she really wanted from Santa.

Tyler was thrilled that he got his own suitcase for sleep overs from Santa. 

Hailey was excited to get the straw connectors that we played with at the Children's  Museum here in State College.

Hailey was extremely excited to open up a puppy game to go along with her Nintendo DS that she got from Santa.

Tyler was thrilled that he got Toy Story figurines from Santa to add to his collection. 

Hailey couldn't wait to play her I Spy Eagle Eye game. 

Hailey got a new Ken and Barbie from the Toy Story movie to add to her collection. 

Tyler was anxious to play with his new cars from the Cars movie. 

Tyler was happy that Santa remembered how much loves playing games.  

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving in Katy, Texas

We celebrated a very special Thanksgiving this year by visiting the Izzo's in Texas.  This was Hailey and Tyler's first time on an airplane and they were very excited about the flight and to see their cousins. We had an amazing time visiting the Izzo's and had a lot of fun visiting the Houston Zoo, the Children's Museum of Houston, and Monkey Joe's bounce house. The best part was spending time with Kyra, Paul, Paulie and Molly.  We want to say "Thank you Izzo's" for everything!  We really had a great time and look forward to our next visit to Texas.  We miss all of you and can't wait to see you again soon. 

Hailey couldn't wait to hold little Molly in her arms.

Hailey wanted to make sure Molly wasn't cold so she shared Tyler's  blanket with her. 

Paulie, Molly, Hailey and Tyler posing for the camera.

Hailey was enjoying a game of baseball and the warm weather.

We had an awesome time at Monkey Joe's bound house. 

Tyler stopped being afraid of the high climbing walls and made it to the top.

Little Molly decided it was time for a nap.

Hailey enjoying a pedicure with the girls. 

I am enjoying spending time relaxing with Kyra and Hailey. 

Kyra is looking fabulous and enjoying her pedicure. 

Hailey and I enjoying some yogurt at Orange Leaf.  

Tyler is enjoying playing with Paulie's puzzles. 

Daddy and Tyler spending some quality time together. 

Miss Molly looking cute as ever with a few bubbles on her head. 

Paulie and Hailey are enjoying a bubble bath in the fun tub.

The kids enjoyed spending time at the zoo. 

The animals were so beautiful. 

The chimps all had cozy little blankets that the carried around with them.

They are probably thinking, "wow it's cold today in Texas". 

The giraffe's were my favorite part of the zoo. 

The kids enjoyed a ride on the merry go round at the zoo. 

Hailey was excited to ride the cheeta. 

The kids enjoyed eating dinner together each night. 

Molly looking cute in polka dots. 

We had a great time playing at this fun house in the mall. 

Tyler enjoyed climbing on the dragon.

Hailey and Paulie playing at the Children's Museum. 

Tyler was preparing some good food for us in the kitchen at the Museum. 

Hailey and Tyler doing a little shopping at the food store in the Museum.